How to write a good essay - an effective technique for freshmen

There are far too many students who find writing an essay a seriously tough task. And when it comes to writing a good essay then that is even more difficult. It does not have to be like that. If you understand and put into practice a proven technique the task becomes a lot easier and the quality of your essay writing becomes much better. Learn the right technique.

  • Research is the key to your essay writing.
  • You need an analysis of the arguments.
  • Short of ideas? Try brainstorming.
  • Get one solid idea and turn it into a thesis statement.
  • Create the best outline or plan you can.

In many cases you will be writing an essay about a topic you may know little or nothing about. And even if you know something about the topic you can always improve your knowledge. Knowledge is power and you get that knowledge by knowing how to research a topic. You need to know where to look, what you are looking for and how to extract vital information for your writing.

Now you need to become an analysis expert. What are the arguments or discussion points around the topic? Look at the main argument and write an analysis of it. List the points supporting it and list the points opposing it. Become an expert in the main argument point.

If you're scratching your head and wondering what else you can write about in your essay, then the technique of brainstorming is the answer. You need to know that brainstorming with someone else or more than one person is usually a good idea.

The thesis statement is the key to writing a really good essay. This is the main point or thrust of your essay. You need to be able to encapsulate that main point in a single sentence. That's why writing a thesis statement and writing well is so important. Make sure the person reading your thesis statement will know all about the essay which follows.

And learning how to create and then complete an outline for your essay is really the key to your success. You need to the structure right and you need to get the content right. You need to have all the main points and all supporting points. And when you get your outline just right you are in the perfect position to just write.

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