Collapse of the Roman Empire

Did the churches split bring down the Roman empire, or was it destined to fall regardless?

Roman Empire refers to the duration, starting with Emperor Augustus, when Rome territory was governed by emperors. In the 3rd century A.D., the Rome Empire faced several challenges. They came from inside and outside the Empire. Only military, political reforms and drastic economic, it appears, could prevent fall of the Empire.

Many factors impelled the deterioration of Roman’s financial system. Unfriendly tribes from outside the borders of the Empire plus pirates within Mediterranean Sea interrupted trade. Having attained their expansion maximum, the Romans were short of new supplies of silver and gold. Desperate for income, the government increased taxes. It began minting coins which had less silver. The government hoped to make more currency with the equal amount of valuable metal. Though, the financial system soon experienced inflation, a sudden fall in value of currency characterized with increase in prices.

The Roman soldiers were in disarray by the 3rd century A.D. With time, Roman military became less loyal and disciplined. Soldiers gave their loyalty not to Empire but to commanders, who fought for the power. The government started to employ mercenaries, alien soldiers who battled for money, to guard against rising dangers to the territory. While foreign soldiers would accept less salary than Roman citizens, they felt low sense of allegiance to the territory. Loyalty feelings finally deteriorated amongst the citizens. In the earlier period, Romans valued their republic to the extent of sacrificing their valuable lives for the state. Circumstances in the territory made citizens lose sense of loyalty. They became unresponsive to the territory’s fate.

In Julius Caesar’s days, Germans had settled on northern boundaries of the territory and lived peacefully with Rome. By 370A.D this changed when hostile Huns from Asia, migrated into the area and started damaging everything along their path. As a way of fleeing from Mongol, the Germans moved into Rome. They kept pushing into Rome but the Empire was incapable of fielding soldiers to prevent them. By 410, mass of Germans overpowered Rome and even plundered it.

The last emperor, Romulus Augustulus, aged 14 years was ousted from power by German soldiers in 476. Thereafter, no emperor ruled. The collapse of the Roman Empire was as a result of outside invasions, internal problems, military turmoil and deteriorating economy but not split of churches.

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