Avoid Fancy Words When Creating A College Paper

In college, everyone wants a chance to show off just how strong their vernacular truly is and sometimes use college papers as a platform to do so. Now, having a great vernacular is quite the treasure and one you should be thankful to have. That’s if you use your immense vocabulary in your everyday life conversations and work, if not then you may want to think twice about showing off to that professor or your peers. Why exactly? Sometimes you tend to be caught up more with the meaning of the word itself and how it will fit into what you’re saying instead of how your work will come across to your professor, which is actually what should count.

Why should I avoid talking in a way that I’m used to?

You shouldn’t. If you use a certain vocabulary, understand what it means, and it flows with your work then use the words. You should only avoid using “fancy words” if you don’t really have an understanding of them and if they interfere with the information and work you’re trying to relay to your professor. You have to remember that your professor will know your style of writing and the way that you talk so it’s important for you to deliver work that is believable and will be sound like something you’d say, which includes your vocabulary. You don’t necessarily need to avoid fancy words but only if you’re known for using them.

What about if I just want to come across as more intelligent?

The thing about college papers isn’t necessarily the vocabulary you use but more about you understanding the work and you knowing how to write in general. Don’t worry about how big of a word you’re using or making your essay sound sophisticated, just make sure that the words you use relay the message you’re trying to send and lets your professor know that you understand the work and know exactly how to explain it to them and others. Fancy words should only come into play if you know what you’re saying and it flows perfectly in the paper, anything else will land you a grade that won’t be too fancy for your GPA. Don’t try to impress people with your vernacular, impress them with your knowledge on the topic and your delivery with presenting the topic and everything will work out.

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