MBA Essay: A Guide For Formatting Your Paper

As a student, you are filling out all the applications to be able to admitted into the Master’s of Business Administration and be a graduate student in a business college. But then, there is the one last part on there that you have not done since you had went for the undergraduate program a the college: the essay.

So what do you do?

Here are five tips that will help you with the format of your essay to get into that college:

Be clear and concise on what you are trying to convey:

Most college admission officers do not have time to try and figure out the message that is being conveyed about why you should be admitted into a particularly college if it is off on another point. For example, if the prompt asks about why you feel that the degree will benefit you, do not go talking about the time your dog disappeared. Instead, keep a clear focus point that you can expand out on, and know that when the admissions person reads it, they will be able to understand the point that is trying to come across.

Do not tell your own story:

As much as it would be to write your own autobiography, the college does not have time to read the life story. If you are going to use an anecdote for the essay, pick one story that shows the point. For example, if a parent passes and before he or she got sick they were business owners but did not have a degree, then that is fine to use. But do not go into how your mom made waffles and they were good to eat. Again, pick one story that will support your reasons why you are going to Business College.

Be grammatical:

As always check for grammatical errors. Sometimes even just one little awkward phrase can ruin an essay to where they throw it in the trash and you get rejected. Always double and triple check that everything is easy to read and that you have made your point.

Do not overthink it:

Harvard University has on their website the requirements to be able to get into their business school on their website and in the print they say “do not overthink, over craft or overwrite.” Which is sound advice for a potential graduate student. Once you have a clear and precise point of why you want into their program, and then go with that. Overwriting tends to cause more words to be in there then there should be, which leaves the reader confused about why they are reading the paper in the first place. Instead, be on point and more importantly, just explain why.

Revise, edit, and proofread:

It is hard to do this after staring at the computer for so long, but print out what you have written and plan on submitting. Or if needed, then copy and paste into a program like Word then print it out. Always check for errors because it may make the difference between being admitted or the essay getting thrown away in the trash can.

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