Macbeth Essay I Need Some Help Understanding The Protagonist

Macbeth is a different kind of story because by the end the protagonist changes so dramatically that he becomes evil. For some, this can make the character Macbeth difficult to understand. He is an extremely complicated literary character who changes gradually through the play, eventually becoming seduced by evil and overcome with desire to get what he wants. Macbeth behaves in a way that makes the reader question his motivation and morality.

At the beginning of the play Macbeth is shown to be a hero. He is depicted as a strong and respectable individual who is loyal and incapable of evil. However, once he meets the witches in the woods Macbeth begins to question his own sanity as he begins fantasizing about murdering his own king.

"My thought, whose murder is yet but fantastical" (Macbeth 1.3.152)

He begins to contemplate a strategy for murdering Duncan so that he can take over the throne.

Another thing about Macbeth that is complicated to understand is the supernatural aspect. The play includes magical elements such as witches, demons, evil spirits and ghosts. The play is ambiguous about whether or not these incarnations are real or figments of the protagonists imagination, raising more questions regarding the protagonist Macbeth, is he sane or crazy and how does our understanding of this effect how we understand him as the protagonist.

One thing that is clear about the story of Macbeth is that the protagonist has an extreme transformation from a relatable human being to a supposedly insane lunatic. The story vaguely explains how this transformation occurs but much of the stories logic of "how this could happen" is left up to the interpretation of the reader. When you study the Macbeth, you are asked to consider some critical questions about people and power and what motivates them. His wife who wants him to kill people to become more powerful and she have an immense influence over Macbeth.

It is clear that the protagonist of Macbeth transforms in the story to be a former shell of who he originally was. The very definition of protagonist is " the main character who learns a lesson and changes throughout the story". How Macbeth changes is extremely dramatic and extreme. Writing a paper about Macbeth as a character can be extremely difficult for this particular reason.

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