Good Persuasive Essay Topics

The objective of a persuasive essay is to try and entice, impel or influence the reader to change their mind and adopt your point of view. You accomplish this mission by presenting a rather convincing argument. Your research gives you the evidence and support needed.

How you choose your topic is critical to your success. It should be something you are passionate about and can make a firm stand on, preferably a stand that is not the norm. Now that you are prepared to write your persuasive essay, let’s take a look at some good topics.

Good topics for a persuasive essay

  1. Should students be allowed to drop out of school before the age of 18? - This topic has been a hot topic for several decades given the increasing rates of high school dropouts.
  2. Should we close schools that produce low average scores on standardized tests? - The debate over this topic is that the school has ceased to become effective and as a result, the students achieve low scores. Should the school be closed? Why or why not?
  3. Should pit-bull dogs be allowed to be kept as pets? - Given the severity of pit-bull dog attacks when they do occur, people are divided as to whether they make appropriate pets. Dog lovers tend to vote on the behalf of the dogs and cautious parents tend to vote on behalf of banning them as pets. There are other groups of people who tend to find themselves solidly on one side of the fence or the other.
  4. Bike sharing programs – should our cities be required to offer them? - These programs are popular in some countries around the globe. They haven’t totally caught on in America yet; could be an interesting topic to pursue.
  5. Should the death penalty be maintained in the case of violent or repeating criminals? - This is a timeless hot topic. It never ceases to raise strong opinions on both sides of the debate. Perhaps bringing in a new twist to this old debate would be the spark that rekindles the fire.

These are only a few of the literally hundreds of good topics you could choose for your persuasive essay. The key really lies in how much passion you can inject into your writing. The more intensity the reader feels coming from you as the writer, the more successful your persuasive essay will be.

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