Mirror, mirror, on the wall, how many likes is my goal?

Who is responsible for defying notions of beauty in this ever-changing computer age where modern society has the unprecedented ability to introduce new stereotypes on appearance more often then some of us sit in our dentist chair? Could it be that the beauty eluded from the eye of the beholder into the arms of social media?

Once, but not so long time ago, we admired and idolized beauty and style of movie icons. They were larger than life, and we treated them like a royalty - from a distance. We lived our ordinary reality without trying to copy elusive glamour lifestyle or fascinating beauty of our role models who were so different and distant from us. But the society changed and social media took over our lives placing celebrities just one click away. Our role models daily chronicle their lives, and we peek into their privacy whenever we want to. We know when they had a bad hair day or a broken heart; sometimes we pass by the restaurant where they posted a photo from, and the menu doesn’t seem so unreachable. They take selfies with the same phone as ours, and their last red carpet makeup-look-tutorial is certainly already on the YouTube. All of a sudden, our role models are so like…us. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and other easy attainable media changed our relationship with the celebrities creating almost an intimate bond and the tendency to live up-to-the-minute of the latest trend. And if we are so successful in following the latest fashion and journal our life on social media - why can’t we be famous as well? Well, off course we can, if we have enough likes or followers. And how do we attract those? Well, to work on our talent takes time, and talent off course, but to play with our looks seems so much easier with faster results. So, off we are into the attention-seeking mission in creating new stereotypes and contradicting traditional beauty, which is, obviously antiquated idea. We don't mind, as long as our name finds its place in whatever celebrity list.

Consequently, detrimental change happened in societies perception of beauty and some of us enjoy having a part in the modern-day freak show. By changing cultural values we changed standards of beauty, but how much we want to be influenced by the human zoo is personal responsibility. We still do have a choice, you know?

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