Periodization And Its Components


Periodization is defined as the systematic approach of a training session for one to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge needed to independently progress. There are many components that contribute to the succes of utilizing periodization however the essay is going to focus on the four most common components that help to alter and determine an individuals’ progressive state of learning and acquiring new skills. These components give a simple explanation as to how relevant periodization is towards learning anything and the long term benefits of utilizing this approach in training

Periodization is the organized systematic approach to training that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period of time. Periodization offers the great opportunity for one to consecutively gain knowledge, skills and habitual attitudes towards the growth and development of an individuals training duration. As mostly noted periodization is commonly used in the acquisition of academic education, during a training of physical fitness and sporting exercises. It can also be used in the classification of the world history.


The most common components that influence periodization include :

  1. Frequency
  2. Intensity
  3. Duration
  4. Volume

Frequency is simply the number of times one has to repeatedly do an activity/ practise the same activity in order to master it progressively. For example; How many times does one have to repeatedly study the same content, practise the same exercise and sporting skill to master the technique and knowledge, how frequently did nations and different tribes of people around the world historically participate in war. All these are some of the examples of how frequency is utilized.

Intensity brings in a sense of differentiation between individuals as it will classify their personality, capabilities and persistent dedication towards their training. Academically with each level of higher classes students will actively and continually acquire more knowledge throughout their curriculum studies and expand their knowledge and expertise. In the physical fitness and exercises one will first start up with the basics and then go on advancing with certain durations of training as the body becomes more fit to take on new and intensifying exercises.

Duration is associated with how much time it would take for an individual undergo the training to complete the full level and acquire relevant skills and knowledge, and utilize them independently. Volume is the amount of knowledge and training exercises one needs to gain, to master the skills and knowledge required to be learned at each level of progressive study.What one learns in the first year of academic education/ physical fitness and training is very basic in comparison to what they will learn three to ten years down the line.6


Periodization enhances the interest of progressive learning amongst individuals as it does not overload them with having to acquire too much knowledge at a go and instead implements propotionality and simplicity to easen the journey of training throughout.

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