Folk Tales as Cultural Productions

Folk tale is a set of practices where expressive genres are shared. This may comprise of legends, oral history, proverbs, jokes, fairytales, and stories, among others. On the other hand cultural productions concerns with the creation, consumption, and diffusion of cultural practices. In this paper, the discussion is based on the Folk tales in relation to the production of culture.

Folk tales is a general term that stands for various traditional narratives. Story telling seems to be cultural universal that is common to basic as well as complex alike societies. The form that these Folk tales take is similar from culture to culture. The themes and narratives through comparative studies have showed these relationships.

These tales have a number of cultural aspects that helps them, build and strengthen a certain culture. These aspects are such as allowing escape from societal consequences. Folk tales can also be used in the validation of a certain culture and in the transmission of a cultures morals and value from one generation to another.

Folk tales can also be regarded as a root of many cultural type of music. These type of music helps in the growth and continuity of a certain culture in the society. For example, blues, country, and music all originate from the American folklore. They can also be used in reliving or asserting social pressures, for example in the case of carnival and humor.

Another key aspect of folktales is that they help in the continuity of culture. Oral tradition helps in achieving it. For example, story telling on some aspects in the society has continued from one generation to another through the word of mouth. Indigenous storytellers in cultures preserved oral tales. Therefore, Folktales offer philosophical insights into the cultures from which they come. In respect to the story, writing Folk tales was one of the ways that culture passed down their morals as well as their way of life, parts of their history, and general issues about life. This culture was valued and at the same time kept alive by its people. Folk tales are a link for each generation into the wisdom of the people traditions and culture. Therefore, through Folk tales it is possible to learn about a culture, tradition and as a result ensure their continuity.

In conclusion, cultural production from one generation to another has been enhanced through Folk tales. It is clear that without some aspects such as oral tradition this production would be hard to achieve.

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